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Give Thanks(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Acts26:19; I was not disobedient to the vision of God. 

It is easy to die for Christ but hard to live for him, dying takes an hour but living takes forever.

What is the hardest thing in life? Is when you have no burden to carry.

Paul having lost his freedom,he spend most of his life in prison and defending his case before the authorities, (acts 22 to acts26) are all instances of Paul trials.

Paul emphasis, on using that double negative in his response to King Agrippa ( I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision) can also mean he could have chosen to be disobedient to the heavenly vision knowing that he once persecuted and imprisoned those that followed the heavenly vision. 

Paul stayed true to the vision by taking ownership to the vision, the vision was given by God to Paul and Paul believed in the vision and carried it to reality by accepting the challenges that come with realizing the vision.

Paul; when he was Saul was called and spoken directly by Jesus; only Paul or Saul saw the vision when Jesus appeared to him on his route to Damascus. 

The ownership of the vision is only the beginning, Paul life started to change when he started to obey God and do what he was called to do. 

But he faced rejection and threat to his life in all this,doubt from fellow believers he never quit rather he persevere and continue to preach about Christ why? Because he took ownership to f the vision.

Paul stayed true to the vision because he knew accountability; a vision is not a thing in the biblical sense, there is always God behind it.

Paul gave his life to God and become His servant and he stayed obedient to God his master. Paul loyalty was to the one who gave the vision and not the vision.

Some may find this talk about obedience discomfort but in the kingdom of God we have no right to salvation, we have no right to Gods grace and mercy. 

When the Lord gives us a vision, we are held accountable to obey him and fullfill the vision.  

Hold onto your vision ,sometimes it may seems like a burden the prophets of the Old Testament understood there vision and held unto it.

When we carry a burden , God knows exactly how much we can carry,be steadfast and focus on the vision reminding yourself that the vision was given only to you to own it.

Look beyond the shore and not the fog.


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