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“The seeking of Magi”(Mathew.2:1-11)

The three wise men following the star (through the guidance of God) believed.  The chief priest and scribes read the scriptures written by the prophet but didn’t believe. The king Herod, believed the scriptures but want to stop its fullfillment. The magi are willing to pay the price spending many years,facing obstacles,prepared gifts to search … Continue reading

Doubting”John” (Mathew 11:2-11,Luke7:18-29)

Doubt is the expression of uncertainty “Are you: the one? The expected one? The messiah?”  Do you believe we are all together in waiting for his second coming, many christians doubt for the second coming of Jesus.   Faith: God can. God will. Kinds of doubt; doubt the future and worry  about life ,doubt the … Continue reading

(Don’t be a barrier)

We have to be like a child to impact our children as our task is to bring them to God. Jesus loves children and always ready to receive and bless the children in every conditions.  Once, Jesus came to this world as a child and grew into an adult before he died and rose again … Continue reading