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Doubting”John” (Mathew 11:2-11,Luke7:18-29)

Doubt is the expression of uncertainty “Are you: the one? The expected one? The messiah?” 

Do you believe we are all together in waiting for his second coming, many christians doubt for the second coming of Jesus.  

Faith: God can. God will.

Kinds of doubt; doubt the future and worry  about life ,doubt the people and feel suspicious ,doubt ourselves and feel inferior.

Some christians condemn doubt;  Can God tolerate John the Baptists doubt? What will be God response of Johns doubt.

John been the forerunner of the messiah calling for people to repent in preparation for messiah’s arrival.  John was confused and doubting that Jesus really was Christ because he was not ready when the messiah arrived because he was in a difficult situation. 

Trials are part of life and a negative result sow the seed of doubt.

Incomplete revelation and understanding 

John did not understand the messiah was to be  the suffering servant, a lack of knowledge easily results. in doubt.

Worldly influence ; influenced by the social cultural problems of the society as we intend to expect easily and hold onto our comfort zone .

Expectations are built off of what you believe ; doubt arises when life and your expectations of God do not meet.

Jesus to Johns doubt; understanding the vulnerability, Jesus doesn’t condemn the doubting (Jude22) have mercy on some who are doubting.

Doubt is not sin but a temptation to sin. Jesus answers us in our situation; Jesus concludes a mild and admonition and encouragement there is no reproach for Johns doubts .

Bringing us back to seek answer from Our heart or scriptures. Jesus first response was to tell John’s disciples that he has been performing many miracles of healing. 

He has fulfilled the messianic prophecies (isaiah61:1-2) about the expected one to further encourage Johns faith.

 Teaching to accept the sufferings for the messiah was the suffering. Having faith in Jesus,does not mean will free us from persecution ( Johns expectations that Jesus will free him from the prison if he was the messiah was a misunderstanding of his suffering as it is not indicated.


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