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Being A Blessed Stewardship (Mathew 25:14-30)

Stewardship is about service to humanity which brings change and growth.

The challenge; In church stewardship has been misunderstood as tithe and offering which neither impact the congregation or improve their life’s. 

The Understanding of stewardship as the manager who take care of business, a pastor who take care of a church,a social worker who take care of refugees and less privileged and many others.

This transcend that stewardship in church is to bring back Gods purpose to the congregation.

The fundamental undergirding of stewardship is to make God the purpose of our life, to put God first in our life and action

The objective of stewardship is to win souls to God, and save many from destruction and hell.

The purpose is to help people to grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the gifts God has entrusted in us to serve.

stewardship is our way of life as christians, the practice of gain all you can gives us liberty to compete fairly and not limit ourselves to our comfort zone but to be confident to take risk across every geographical zone irrespective of the difference in time and culture.

Stewardship in save all you can; is not primary about what we have but secondary about what we don’t have, to reach out and help and save as many life’s as possible who has been prosecuted, displaced and frustrated by the ever changing social economic society that has enclambed smaller nations and forced war and refugees to seek for safety and hope and new life. We as christians are under stewardship to be their shelter and provide necessities to all.

The stewardship of give all you can, transcends to sacrificing our resources,money,talents,gift, time and energy to things that are pleasing to God. Giving your time is vital as your physical presence and actions impact faster and gives hope to the needy and congregation of God. The pastor presence in a church uplifts the spirit of the congregation. 

The gift of the Holy Spirit is diversified as each one of us has been mandated with a responsibility to render our steward to things that are pleasing to God and impactful to the society.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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