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“Make Him Known”(John 4:31-42)

Why do people become violent and distrust? because the have experienced violence and has not been trusted. The cycle of shame and violence doesn’t have to continue as Jesus showed us the way we can overcome such. People blamed others who has married foreign women and force them to divorce or abandoned their wife as … Continue reading


I just learned that is legal to practice witchcraft in America, and right now the witches and wizard has converged in Trump Tower to cast more madness on his led government. What is been regarded as a social cast in our society is regarded as part of what make another country great.

Serve Him!(Exodus 31:1-11)

You have to take care of your responsibilities as a servant of God,as a citizen of a country and as a head of family. Renegading your responsibility will be at your own detriment, as when we are motivated we are inspired to serve better. Bezalel was the first in the scriptures to be described as … Continue reading

Reset the button

Trump may not seek for two state solutions between Israel and Palestinian but will let the region decide what the want for alternative to peace.  Will Israel lead an apartheid regime against Palestiniens.  Israel seek for a Jewish Democratic country with Jewish values, will it not amount to discrimination against the palestiniens or will Palestinians … Continue reading

“Know him” ‘To know Christ'(Philippians 3:7-11)

How long have you been a Christian? May varies on individual, based on when we where baptised and accepted Christ as our Lord and saviour and as the son of God who has redeemed our life through his blood, that we may obtain salvation from our sin. Knowing God, is not a lip service or … Continue reading

Foundation (Sermon on the mountain)Mathew 7:21-29.

Sermon on the mount as a foundation to our faith; vs21- “Not everyone who say to me,’Lord,Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my father who is in heaven. We are created by same God and given the same task by the same God who will … Continue reading

Supreme Court

Trumps pick a balanced Supreme Court nominee with both liberal and conservative values and a well read attorney from Harvard,Oxford degrees.  I think he will get a swift confirmation even though democrats will like to play politics in his confirmation hearing.  It will be an interesting hearing to follow as all issues that concern Obamacare,immigration, … Continue reading