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Trump may not seek for two state solutions between Israel and Palestinian but will let the region decide what the want for alternative to peace. 

Will Israel lead an apartheid regime against Palestiniens. 

Israel seek for a Jewish Democratic country with Jewish values, will it not amount to discrimination against the palestiniens or will Palestinians be incorporated into the Jewish state as equal citizens and right as in democracy. 

Benjamin Nathanyahu is on his way to meet Donald Trump to reset the new Israel – American relationship which has been marginalised by past governments of Barack Obama. 

 We see how this one will play out with further discussion on Iran nuclear weapon programme which Obama cut a deal before his departure has been strongly opposed by Israel and most Republicans party members including Donald Trump.

Donald Trump also plan to move USA embassy to Jerusalem is another hot topic on their meeting as the Palestinians strongly oppose such action, which can trigger Hamas and other terror group shooting rockets across Tel Aviv and border towns.

Obama before his departure,tripled American Aid to Israel to over $30billion, which is number one dependent and receiver of American Aid and gave Palestinians over $200Million. 

I believe Benjamin will be seeking for more fund as money is never enough to a small country of less than 10million, most of the funds goes into military hardware,research for more modern weapon and training of soldiers.

A small country like Israel has the most combat ready military ahead of all countries in this world.

We pray for peace in the Middle East.


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