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Relationship between Father and Son (John17:5-10)

The trinity of the relationship between a father and son connected both spiritual and physical. The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob is the same God that has been with the three generations whose grace has glorified them in spirit and physical. For each possess the same quality and are glorified as one.  For the fathers … Continue reading

Relationship with God (John 15:1-8)

Relationship with God is like a vine and the branches, which are interdependent and of great benefit to each other. But the branches need the vine more than the vine need the branches.  For if the vine fail to bear fruit through its branches the branches will be cut off or dry up; so to … Continue reading

When Jesus was Tempted (“Luke 4:1-13”)

Lenten season is the forty days preparation before Easter; Easter is the death by cruxification and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Lenten season is observed by christians who believe and have faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God,messiah and saviours of mankind by fasting and abstaining from all kind of  vices that will … Continue reading

Slaves & Immigrants.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired Nuero Surgeon and the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the President Trump, government said; slavery where immigrants who had a dream of a good life by working hard but was paid less for their hard work, Obamacare(Affordable Healthcare Act) is the worse that has happened to USA, … Continue reading

Relationship with spouse (Ephesians 5:22-33)

Relationship with spouse, can be vital in determining the prosperity of trust,happiness,peace and understanding.  Most men prefer often to use their head than their heart in their relationship, because a man has these libido of not been sentimental but want to be seen as a hero who save the family or we may say “the … Continue reading