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Relationship with spouse (Ephesians 5:22-33)

Relationship with spouse, can be vital in determining the prosperity of trust,happiness,peace and understanding. 

Most men prefer often to use their head than their heart in their relationship, because a man has these libido of not been sentimental but want to be seen as a hero who save the family or we may say “the bread winner. 

This attitude of been the bread winner erode the vital ingredients of the relationship which is love.

Christ as the head of the church, led the church with a heart of love,care,patient and forgiven heart.

 For Christ knew our  weaknesses and imperfection but was always patient to listen and forgive at every time we fail.

His sacrifice with his life to redeem us from sin and opportunity for salvation shows his unconditional love to his creation.

A man as the head of the family, must love unconditionally and be patient and slow to anger, must be willing to sacrifice and compromise and be less judgemental to his spouse.

As christians we realise that Jesus Christ love and sacrifice is unconditional but at the same time we are expected to reciprocate his love by doing things that will be pleasing to his sight, things that will bring joy and pride to him.

As Men put in the hard work and sacrifices to please their spouse, the spouse is also expected to reciprocate by doing things that will make the men feel  proud ,happy and Joy.


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