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When Jesus was Tempted (“Luke 4:1-13”)

Lenten season is the forty days preparation before Easter; Easter is the death by cruxification and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Lenten season is observed by christians who believe and have faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God,messiah and saviours of mankind by fasting and abstaining from all kind of  vices that will distract our spiritual focus.

Jesus Christ, before his crucifixion was moved by the spirit to the wilderness where he fasted for forty days and forty night, with continuous prayer and focus. 

His spiritual preparation for the challenge ahead made him strong to endure the pain and suffering of his crucifixion.

After the forty days fasting, he was vulnerable to all types of temptations because he was physically weak but still remain spiritually strong ; It further portray his human need as been hungry and thirsty for food and water. 

He overcame each of the three temptations which was physically challenging through his spiritual strength and focus.

 The devil knew what Jesus as a human being needs at that very moment and came immediately to take advantage of his needs and enslave him in sin.

Jesus turned down,resisted and rebuked the devils offer why? Because he doesn’t take other from the devil and knows who the devil is and knows that the devil is not in control of his life but God his father who has send him on a mission.

Jesus didn’t turn down the devil other because he has lost his power, for he is capable of taking the challenge of turning stone into bread but he choose not to take the challenge from the devil because the power he possess is not to take challenge from the devil, but to redeem Gods children who has been misled into sin by the devil, Gods children whom the devil has exploited their physical weaknesses and turn them to his slaves in sin.

Every day we face a physical test on our need for material things, our desire for such material enrichments has led to war,greed ,looting,corruption and killing and general abuse of the power we possess.

Many in authority has misunderstood the power the possess by physically abusing it and using it to suppress those who don’t agree with them, the has used such power to enact policies that discriminate against its people and favour the few that agree with them. 

The lost focus on the purpose of their power and leadship calling by choosing to be strong physically and weak spiritually. 

Jesus Christ understood his calling, his purpose on earth and remain focused till it’s accomplishment, he was not discouraged by the suffering,pain,attack,disagreement, unbelieving,doubt of those he has come to redeem.

His Spiritual focus point helped him to override the strong waves and triumphs at the end. To receive Jesus is free but to follow Jesus is costly and requires sacrifice and deprivation of the physical needs in exchange for the spiritual fullfillment.

For not all who call God will enter his kingdom but he who does the command of God. For Jesus was able to show and reflect his faith in God by rebuking the devils adventurious offer.

As Christians we should know that our help doesn’t come from any Man but from the Lord and we must carry our faith as a template, to resist evil temptations that wants to exploit our physical needs and destroy our spiritual strength.

The devil wanted Jesus to test his father to ascertain his love, many a time we doubt or question our spouse love and tend to seek for proof by asking him to do certain things as a proof and when he refuse such temptations, the spouse will assume or doubt his love. 

Let us not allow the devil to use us to question our spouse commitment as it will only achieve discord,destroy the love and trust in your relationship. Stop exposing your marriage,relationship and family to the devils temptations.

Jesus mastered and understood  the word of God and lived by it daily using the word of God to counter the devils temptations.

For in our weaknesses we are made affirmative in Gods word.


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