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The mission of the messiah ( Mark 8:31-33)

Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter, rooted in the 40days of Jesus in the wilderness a period of self denial,reflection,renewal and ,examination.

The goal is to strengthen the faith and spiritual discipline of observers and develop a closer relationship with God.

These verse was about Jesus been rejected by the religion leaders of Israel, he was even judged to be crazy by his own family.

To reach Israel he was also trying to teach his disciplines. Jesus begins to teach his disciples what his Mission, is really all about.

The mission of the messiah;

. His mission is revealed,rebuked and reprimanded. 

The messiah mission is revealed (vs31)

Christ the messiah means ” anointed one”  he began his teaching to his disciples by informing them that the son of man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders , the chief priest and the teachers of the law (scribes) and that he must be killed and after three days will rise again.

All this teachings where misunderstood by both the disciples and the authority until it was accomplished.

 It was in the fullfillment of the Old Testament.  

The messiah misssion is Rebuked;(vs32)

This was a shock to the disciples as the questioned, if he was the messiah and if yes why must he be rebuked,challenged and killed .

For peter ” you are Christ means that Jesus was the powerful messiah who can never be defeated, a messiah who has authority and followers who are willing to kill and fight and overthrow the Roman Empire and above all Jesus is the almighty God. 

The death of Christ was never a moment of weakness but in defying his mission. When Jesus died he completed the plan for salvation.

The messiah mission is Reprimanded (vs33)

Jesus responds to Peter was very harsh and strict  as Peter has been misled by Satan to understand Jesus mission.  

God plan envolve the dead of the messiah and any body who oppose it is been misled by the Satan.

The will of God  is a millions mile away from our thinking we only care about our comfort, but God care about our needs . People care about material things God care about eternal, we are like Peter in another way.

Maybe you have experienced peters moment and failed God by confusing Gods purpose to mans purpose. 


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