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Go and Tell Them(Goodnews) Mark 16:7, John 4:28-30.

The most simple statement become the most famous and powerful word in the world and this statement was made by a local woman who will be termed as ignorant,sinner and irrelevant but was able to identify and sense who Jesus was and didn’t keep it to herself but went out to share her experience with others.

The church today has failed to grow because members are not sharing what the are consuming, when we are empowered (consume)by Gods words we are at liberty outside the church to spread and share our experience to others, so as to produce result and make the church of God productive.

A church may have a solid foundation and may be deterred by the social political factors not to produce a good result. When you share the gospel to people, you bring Jesus to the soul as when we are empowered by Gods word we are mandated to go to the world to sow the word of God in people’s live.

The whole New Testament, Jesus proclaimed the news in Mathew to Luke and become the news in the rest of the Testament through the Holy Spirit. “Evangelism is presenting Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Preach the gospel at all time if necessary use word; transcend to action speaks louder, our action in life will reflect on the message we share with others. Sometimes when we proclaim the gospel we only share the half truth of the gospel. 

The lady was not economically with sharing the truth of her experience and she could have chosen to share a half truth but choose to give details of her encounter. When we emphasise that God is love is only a half truth as God is also Holy,Merciful,forgiven and counselling and many other characters. 

When sharing the gospel we have to be elaborate and comprehensive so as to be able to effectively present the whole truth of the gospel. God response to give us salvation doesn’t depend on our decisions but when we are able to know and understand who Jesus is and what he represents. We have to share the whole truth about Who Jesus is. 

The lady after her encounter with Jesus was liberated from shame and guilty feeling and was restored in confident and dignity to go out and share her experience to all.

Our main task when we go out to evangelise is to wash the face of Jesus which has been institutionally distorted and distirted. We have to share the whole truth with confident and dignity and without shame. 

The mission of the church influence must be found on the street and society in general and not in the institutions and bureaucrats. Presenting Christ means interpreting the meaning of Christ in the gospel within the struggle of people in our surroundings.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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