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Feed my sheep ( John.21:15-19)

Do you love Jesus? How do i feed God’s sheep?. Am I willing to feed his sheep as he has instructed? Can my ability and source be sufficient to carry out such a  task? And how are mine going to start?

The above are some of the pondering of Simon Peter after given such an affirmative response to Jesus question.

Jesus seeking of Peters assurance to lead his disciples was not because he doubt his capability or doesn’t know his incapability but is for a testament for all his disciples to know that Jesus has empowered Peter to be the leader of his disciples when his gone.

Jesus didn’t want to leave a leadership vacuum or create power tussle when his gone.

Jesus foresee the challenges that will befall his disciples in moving forward and decided to reinstate Simon Peter as a leader of his disciples.

Today, we can see that the leadership of the church is in crisis and divided, as some leaders has placed themselves equal to Jesus and taken his glory. Many of the present leaders has enriched themselves with material wealth and let Gods disciples to suffer in poverty. 

Jesus vision for his disciples has been misinterpreted and many of his disciples has been misled. 

Many of his disciples has not been fed and wonders around hungry and thirsty.

Many of our appointed leaders has went on to serve their own selfish interest instead of the interest of Jesus Christ.

As we reflect today on this crisis, let us realise that the church of God has only one leader and his name is our Lord Jesus Christ our redeemer and saviour.


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Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.


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