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The Picture of Godly Father” (Genesis 5:21-24)

Can the hurt we have experience from our abusive father hinder us from calling God our father? 

A woman who has experienced excessive abuse from his dad asked this question, because she find it difficult to call God my father; as it brings back the memories of her abusive father, she prefers to call God my Mother, because of the significant fatherlike role the mother played in helping her to recover from her abusive father.

What is the legacy we are living behind for our kids as Fathers, for such legacy forever torment or reflect in our Kids life.

Fathers are the physical God our kids see and do look upto such figure in guiding their steps as the grow up, if we fathers fail to be a role model to our kids, then we have led destructive legacy for generations to come.

Enoch walked with God before he become a father at the age of (65)and after his Son (Methuselah) arrived he continued walk faithfully with God  for over 300years and was abundantly blessed with many children.  With the legacy he left behind, endured his children to grow in Gods direction.

Choosing our own way and thing in the absence of choosing God way and thing is the foundation of sin, that affects our judgment and action in our relationship with our children.

Sometimes we thought we know everything and when God gives us directions we harken our heart by resisting Gods direction. We have to live our life by Faith in God and not by faith in ourselves.

How faithful are we to God, for Enoch walk with God means he was faithful to God and lived everyday by faith.

What is faith? Faith is the believe by the blood of Jesus Christ we are saved from all problems no matter how big and small the challenge may be in the eyes of Man, by Faith we can order,command such problems be destroyed and it shall come to pass.

Faith is the tap root of our relationship with God, is the companion of our journey in life as faith is God and God is faith, as we journey in Life we need to have the conviction that we are not alone, that our faith in God transcends to God been our companion in our life Journey.

Sometime we are so focused on our physical human companionship as trusted partners in our journey, that when the human companions fail us we fall apart and go into depressions.  Human companion allows you a physical interance but with God it gives you a spiritual interance that may not be seen with physical eyes but reliable and always their for us.

In the present world we are moving so fast that we give excuses of not having that time to walk with God as we think God cannot walk in our pace as we want to run and God want to walk, we think God God as a burden. 

  Such excuses are uninformed as God can never be a burden to his subject that is why he created man in his own image to make us to walk in step with him, that we may trust him to lead us on the right part of life.

Praying is our way to communicate with God and God delights in our daily supplications and reenergise our life daily, prayer is an invitation to God to come into our life and lead us, prayer is a communication of faith and invitation for God to come to our aid in all our difficulties, prayer is our expression of gratitude and thanks to God for leading us through the valley of shadow death without fear of the evil,principalities and familiar spirit.

Walking with God makes us strong witness to what God is doing in our life, if you know God and experience God in your life you will automatically become a strong witness.

Do your children see you as a Man who has witness God, as a Man who walked with God, from Enoch to Methuselah to Noah all where known as Men who has strong faith in God and walked with God and all this men Methusaleh to Noah followed the legacy of their father and great grand father Enoch.

All of us have our past, but we have to know that the Love of God is not limited that he cannot forgive us and give us a second chance, they love of God is huge and immeasurable. 

If you are walking alone today, invite God to be your companion and lead you on the part of righteousness, on a new beginning with your family, so as to leave behind a legacy that will endure for generations to generations.

Let us be a reflection of God to our children.


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