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Becoming a learning Church (Acts 17:10-12 & 1 Thess 2:13-16)

The discipline who had learnt directly from Jesus where able to pass down their leaning to others. Reading bible for wrong reason for guilt merely knowledge and to lead bible study or preaching. But the word of God in the book of Thessalonians 2vs13 elaborates further the good reason why the are different  because the … Continue reading

Overcoming Hursts ( Psalm 71)

None of us enjoy suffering, but pain does have a way of accomplishing the greatest good in our lives by drawing us closeer to God . God uses disruptive moments to help us keep things in perspective (Gordon MacDonald) 1. Disruptive moments are simply divine appointments. 2. Progress without pain is usually not possible. No … Continue reading

Why Church Matters? Ephesians 2:11-22″

Why we come to church every Sunday varies on individuals; some to worship God in truth and spirit, some because of the worship, preaching, pastor and others to socialise and catch up with old friends and make new one. Do I need to be part of a church? Isn’t it enough to be a Christian … Continue reading