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Overcoming Hursts ( Psalm 71)

None of us enjoy suffering, but pain does have a way of accomplishing the greatest good in our lives by drawing us closeer to God . God uses disruptive moments to help us keep things in perspective (Gordon MacDonald)

1. Disruptive moments are simply divine appointments.

2. Progress without pain is usually not possible. No student can progress to the next class without  experiencing the test.

3 the promise of God is the provision of grace. 

4. Disruptive moments produce dynamic growth, for no pain without purpose. 

5. What we receive from distruptive moments depends upon how we respond; in you O’Lord I put my trust in you,  incline to me and save me” was David cry when he was going through a distruptive moments.

For Gods children are not immuned from suffering as at such challenge we are strengthened and made better. For in the mist of insecurity we find refuge in God.

For in trial David never forget that God is righteous and good and is conscious of his suffering, and as he seek the Lords face in his suffering God answered him.( David reminded himself that God had proved “Faithful to him” throughout his life.) 

David praised God to “dispel the darkness.”


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