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Song of Joy

The third Sunday of the advent is the advent of joy; Joy in our life can vary but one joy that unite us is the joy of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth brought forth change in the way we worship and serve, the change that liberated us from the bondage’s of blood offering and sacrifice into baptism of the water and faith.

The Joy of Christ is something we received but the Joy of the Lord is our strength that motivates us to achieve a greater height in our life.

The presence of Christ brings the presence of Joy in our life. For the Joy is divine that we can’t create or make.

Joy is not a good feeling is not merely feeling positive or optimistic and neither is it a man made feelings,is more than happiness that the church or any human created by God can give you.

The joy is serenity deep inside our soul that will not be disturbed by any life storm and challenges, the joy is the assurance that God is in control of every details of our life.

Joy is the determined choice to praise God in all situations, for many factors in life we cannot control be it good or bad but the joy of our heart is our strength and faith in God in all situation.

How do we receive Joy? God has found favour in us through his Son Jesus Christ, who has made the ultimate sacrifice with his blood that we may find favour in God through the forgiveness of our sin, through the baptism of water, through believing in his Son Jesus Christ as our saviour.

Been a Christian or church members will not bring us joy but Accepting Christ in our life as our Lord and saviour will find us favoured before the Lord and joy. For the richness of Christ that is in us is what help us to overcome the challenges in our life.

Is good to be a Christian and church member but that doesn’t bring Joy except Christ is in our life, only can we be guaranteed the Joy of Christ for the presence of Christ will give us divine Joy.

May we be open to receive the joy of Christ and may the song of joy continue to ring a bell in our hearts , praising God and magnifying his name.


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