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Enlarging Your Barn, Enriching your soul ( Luke 18:18-30, Proverbs 21:26)

A certain ruler asked Jesus what must I do to inherit internal life? You can see from the Rulers question his perception is from the position of confidence,authority,wealth and affluence with believe that he can get what ever he desires.

Jesus was able to humble him by given him a soft landing on the paths to eternal life, which was so easy for him to admit that he has kept all since he was a boy, but Jesus follow up demand was able to bring sadness to his heart.

Our materials wealth has been our eternal life on earth as it gives us much ambient and power to live lavishly, but have we thought of eternal life in Christ kingdom?

The wealthy man must have been dissatisfied with his lavish life style and wanted more life security to live in opulence in eternity, but was sad when Jesus told him to sale everything he has and give it to the poor and come and follow him.

Many misconceptions of life is that our wealth will safe us, but in reality our wealth is our accessories on earth and when we die, our accessories are removed from our body and we are buried with one piece of cloth.

What shall it profit a man to own the whole world and loose his life, can we equate our wealth with our life?

A wealthy man is sad of loosing his wealth but not sad of loosing his life, a ruler is sad to loose power but not sad to loosing his life; But Jesus said, no one who has left his home or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God, will fail to receive many times as much in this age , and in the age to come eternal life”

The apostles who left all to follow Jesus are immortalised for eternity, for eternal life in Christ Jesus is not bought with wealth but by our actions, when we think first as human and live as human then we will value life more than wealth, but when we think of wealth and live in wealth, then we will value wealth more than life.

Our wealth is a blessing when we see the joy it brings to those that don’t have. Zacheuss was willing to give up his wealth to have eternal life with God, and his action earned him a special guest to his home for dinner Jesus.

The ruler was sad to loose his wealth because of his attachment to his wealth, and prefer to keep his wealth over having an eternal life in Jesus Christ.


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