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Philippians Joy from a Prison Cell; True confidence in Jesus Christ the Risen Savior (Philippians 3:1-11)

Paul was a strong opinionated personality that has risen to the top of his calling from formerly been a persecutor of the followers of Jesus Christ to been persecuted for following Jesus Christ. Paul’s life as a believer was centered on Grace, Faith, Scriptural, Jesus Christ and the glory of God. For his past in … Continue reading

Trying to go to the next level of relationship “Revelation 3:14-22”

We are created for relationship; one with God and one with others. What type of relationship do we share or have today? Broken ways of relating to God; . Life over God; transcend to putting ourself first before God. . Life under God; transcend to we doing everything in accordance to Gods principles and statues … Continue reading

Discrening by the Holy Spirit “Acts.2:1-13

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit comfort, strengthens and makes us to understand the presence and direction of God. With the Holy Spirit we glorify God, as is the connection line between us and God, without the Holy Spirit we glorify man. When the Holy Spirit speak through you, it opens the heart … Continue reading

Shine Brightly for Christ “ Philippians 2:12-18

There are five comments in the verse : 1. The world is full with crooked and perverse people. Crooked: deformed, malformed , dishonest, not trustworthy, corrupt, Perverse: illégal, irrational ,manipulation . Work hard to show the results of your salvation by living an exemplary life. 2. Continue to work out your salvation; . Not work … Continue reading

Having the attitude of Christ “

Conflicts between Pride/Selfish/Ego and Humility; for age has been some of the many different gift that unite humanity but the most destructive gift of them all is Pride. Man’s decision to be the limelight is the main cause of problems in the church, for the attitude of humanity is now considered obsolete. The responsibility of … Continue reading

Becoming Selfless “ Philippians 2:3-4”

No one will enjoy to be around selfish people who has nothing to share and talk except about what he/she desire and plan. If you want to become a leader, you must be a servant; for selfishness is not the mark of a leader or a servant but a mark of self destruction. For we … Continue reading