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Naze Secondary School

Op-Ed; Naze Secondary school is a community school that serves the host community and allow their children’s to obtain basic education before sojourn to the world. Naze community has produced eminent men in all fields of life. Presently Naze has metamorphosed into a a sub urban towns that host a lot of different type of … Continue reading

Quantum Leap “1 Corinthians 6:9

Money is a necessity in Gods kingdom as is the facilitating force in Gods ministry. The root of sin is greed, before Gods eyes a greedy man is not different from a murderer, greed has been the driven force in our desires and quest for more riches that has made us not to be content … Continue reading

Epiphany Sunday “Isaiah.49:1-6

The good news are meant to be shared and not hidden. As we receive the power of God we are obligated to share it with others” for any power or gift of the Holy Spirit that is not shared is termed as not received. For when Peter with the disciples where praying in the upper … Continue reading