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How about your prayer life?( Mark 9:33-37 & Mathew 7:7-11)

Some people learn to pray in a hard way:  Prayer change things but prayer also changes us!  You cannot keep up the life of prayer unless you are prepared to change. A heart of prayer has the following content; Humility ~ Like a child gives you sense of awe and reverence for God. ~ Strong … Continue reading

Covering Prayer( Mathew 6:5-13 and Psalm 131)

We don’t need perfection to come to God but we need to have The will strength to come to the Lord with our flaws and sins as that makes who we are the mixture of “good and bad”.  Start with trust; trust God, will attend to us and accept us for who else can we … Continue reading

Desiring Prayer ( Romans 8:15-16)

Moslems pray five times a day, Judaism pray three times a day , Budhist and Hindu two times a day and Christianity prayer in a day varies on the situation we face. Prayer is an act of communication with God or some divine power, to seek for help,blessing, clarification and guidance in our daily life.  … Continue reading

Serving God in the Market place (Mark5:18-20; Mathew 5:13-16)

Every one is commissioned;  . To go to your family and tell them how much the lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you (Mark5:19) . Share how much the Lord values a human live more than an animal. . Share how he has had mercy on you  . Share … Continue reading

Becoming a Prayer church (Acts 12:1-14)

Pray earnestly, it makes something happen, let us pray for ourselves and others as well.  Prayer can change our live and others for prayer open line to heaven.

Aftermath of Biafra Massacre by Nigerian Army:

The politicians and Ohaneze Ndigbo has regained power through military intimidation and massacre of their own people.  The advise I give to them is not to be fast to declare victory as IPOB is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns but with counter intellectual reasonings.  In a democratic system the people are allowed … Continue reading

Becoming A Discipline- Making Church { Mathew28:18-20 & 1 John 2:6}

The church decline in growth can be attributed with so many factors depending on individual or group experience. Many individuals has failed to live up to the practical believe and values of a Christian but rather embraced the unorthodox version. As disciples of Christ, we are made to follow the steps of the early church … Continue reading

Becoming a caring Church ( Mark 12:30-31 & John 4:7-21)

Uncaring Prople; has no empathy and takes time to process other people’s need before offering help which may be too late. The story of the Good Samaritan is example of how uncaring people reacts to those that are in dire need and help. The uncaring people are so much occupied with themselves and focus on … Continue reading

Becoming a learning Church (Acts 17:10-12 & 1 Thess 2:13-16)

The discipline who had learnt directly from Jesus where able to pass down their leaning to others. Reading bible for wrong reason for guilt merely knowledge and to lead bible study or preaching. But the word of God in the book of Thessalonians 2vs13 elaborates further the good reason why the are different  because the … Continue reading

Overcoming Hursts ( Psalm 71)

None of us enjoy suffering, but pain does have a way of accomplishing the greatest good in our lives by drawing us closeer to God . God uses disruptive moments to help us keep things in perspective (Gordon MacDonald) 1. Disruptive moments are simply divine appointments. 2. Progress without pain is usually not possible. No … Continue reading