Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.
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Honesty ( James 5:12 )

The book of James emphasis more on how we can implement our faith in our life and been ethical or principled in our daily actions. Some instances of our life encounter with others put us in a difficult situation to either be honest and stick to our ethics and principles or adjust towards compromising our … Continue reading

Be Wise In Your Relationships “James 4:1-17”

Relationship with each other and others are very important as it endears us such intimacy and trust that allow us to share our life exclusivity and also share our faith and believe in God. Our division sometimes are non essentials that neither add any benefit or support our growth in life and our faith. To … Continue reading

Be wise in using Our Tongue! ( James 3:1-12)

Many Issues outlined in the book of James, centres on believers and teachers as those days was an era of false information and teaching . Our tongue has a power to influence others and we need to be cautious on how we use it. As good intention or motive may be misconstrued to mean a … Continue reading

Be wise No Favouritism (James 2:1-13)

Favouritism is partial or bias. To show favouritism is to give advantages to others. In family, favouritism can create divisions and risk disintegration of once a loving and united family. You can also see how favouritism attitude of Jacob led to jealousy and conspiracy against Joseph that led to him been sold as a slave. … Continue reading

Be wise in Handling Anger ( James 1:19-20)

What are you view and experience you have for failing to control your anger. Their is no place in Gods word that anger is seen as a sin, but it was emphasised that we should not let our anger cause us to sin. Moses was angry when he saw the Israelites worshipping A Golden calf … Continue reading

Be wise with money!!! (James

There are three conversions a person needs to experience : The conversion of the head The conversion of the heart The conversion of the way we handle money. Two views of money; Pro poverty ; it’s not good to be rich, works to meet her needs. Always grateful and contended. Works with pride and humbleness. … Continue reading

Wisdom and Humility

Wisdom is knowledge in practice. Wisdom is the evidence of our salvation; it is because of him that you are In Christ. Trials : The entrance to wisdom, for each challenge we face in life brings out the best and worst in us and test our resilience in wisdom and faith in God. Trials has … Continue reading

The Need to Belong “1 Corinthians 14:23-25” “1 Peter 2:1-9”

Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs; Self Actualisation, Self Esteem, love/Belonging, Safety, Physiological. We are chosen people; for God chose us before the creation, not because we are rich,smart,good looking or any physical endowment and achievement. We are royal priesthood, we have the right and access directly to God our king,father and creator as we are … Continue reading

Building Community “1 Thessalonians 5:11-18”

The church is a community that has to be maintained and build up by its members, as Apostle Paul emphasised in (VS.12) As members of the community of Christ, we have to be united to achieve the purpose of the church by daily participation in Church activities, daily support for one another and daily sharing … Continue reading

Why Community “ Hebrew 10:19-25”

What are the reason that stop people from going to Church? Many factors are in play; Fear, Lazy, Busy, Shame, Depression, Financial Problems and RelationshipProblems, Insecurity, Prosecution and Criticism. Their are many health benefit of interacting with others , American Medical Journal discovered that people who are involved in a pro activity like sports , … Continue reading