Am an Independent investment solicitor, based in Jakarta - Indonesia , like to socialize with people of different ethnicity,religion and educational background.
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The Need to Belong “1 Corinthians 14:23-25” “1 Peter 2:1-9”

Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs; Self Actualisation, Self Esteem, love/Belonging, Safety, Physiological. We are chosen people; for God chose us before the creation, not because we are rich,smart,good looking or any physical endowment and achievement. We are royal priesthood, we have the right and access directly to God our king,father and creator as we are … Continue reading

Building Community “1 Thessalonians 5:11-18”

The church is a community that has to be maintained and build up by its members, as Apostle Paul emphasised in (VS.12) As members of the community of Christ, we have to be united to achieve the purpose of the church by daily participation in Church activities, daily support for one another and daily sharing … Continue reading

Why Community “ Hebrew 10:19-25”

What are the reason that stop people from going to Church? Many factors are in play; Fear, Lazy, Busy, Shame, Depression, Financial Problems and RelationshipProblems, Insecurity, Prosecution and Criticism. Their are many health benefit of interacting with others , American Medical Journal discovered that people who are involved in a pro activity like sports , … Continue reading

Aim Low. Think Small. ( Deuteronomy 6: 4 – 9)

How do we grow in numbers and how do we grow in debt. The solution to growth is to aim low and think small given up to our higher target. We as the church need to aim at our children and youths to grow and develop the church with Depth. The children ask the simple … Continue reading

Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Inclusion “ Acts 2:1-8; 2:35-42”

On the day a child is born is the day a mother’s life is transformed, as we celebrate a child we also celebrate a mother whose life is transformed through the new birth. The Pentecost day also is significant in our faith as is the day Christianity is born, the transformation of the church through … Continue reading

Bible the way to Heaven(2 Timothy 3:10-16)

Been religious is not good enough, as been religious is a routine practice of our believe but we need a one on one relationship with God through prayer and reading his word to continue to meditate in communion with God through our religious practice. What does the Bible means to you and how often do … Continue reading

By the Power of the Holy Spirit, Including the outsiders ( Acts 10:44)

The Holy Spirit are Interdependent and independent , as it operates freely and can be received by all disregard less of religious believe,tribe and race. Holy Spirit is God and God is universal and free for all. The Holy Spirit has the freedom to come and go whenever and however he pleases. Free to give … Continue reading

In the name of Jesus:Salvation Comes” Acts 4:5-12.

Why is Jesus name very important in our life? Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is 100% human and 100% God, for he is the one who redeemed our salivation through his ultimate sacrifice on the cross, his dead and resurrection is a significant of him been Human in God. Do we believe that the same power … Continue reading

In the name of Jesus; Faith that makes us strong (Acts 3:12-19)

The story of the duck not been able to fly even though is a bird with the same physical features as other birds, is sum as lack of confidence to exploit its physical ability. Several times many of us are like duck, walking all our life even though we have other physical abilities to get … Continue reading

Testimony to the Resurrection ( Acts 4:32-35)

Church is a place every body who desires God go to worship and where sinners are saved, for nobody will attain sainthood until he meet his maker. Their are so many different churches in all part of the world and in the same location. church has become a micro organism that has invaded every neighbourhood, … Continue reading