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Covering Prayer( Mathew 6:5-13 and Psalm 131)

We don’t need perfection to come to God but we need to have The will strength to come to the Lord with our flaws and sins as that makes who we are the mixture of “good and bad”.  Start with trust; trust God, will attend to us and accept us for who else can we … Continue reading

Serving God in the Market place (Mark5:18-20; Mathew 5:13-16)

Every one is commissioned;  . To go to your family and tell them how much the lord has done for you and how he has had mercy on you (Mark5:19) . Share how much the Lord values a human live more than an animal. . Share how he has had mercy on you  . Share … Continue reading

Becoming A Discipline- Making Church { Mathew28:18-20 & 1 John 2:6}

The church decline in growth can be attributed with so many factors depending on individual or group experience. Many individuals has failed to live up to the practical believe and values of a Christian but rather embraced the unorthodox version. As disciples of Christ, we are made to follow the steps of the early church … Continue reading

Overcoming Hursts ( Psalm 71)

None of us enjoy suffering, but pain does have a way of accomplishing the greatest good in our lives by drawing us closeer to God . God uses disruptive moments to help us keep things in perspective (Gordon MacDonald) 1. Disruptive moments are simply divine appointments. 2. Progress without pain is usually not possible. No … Continue reading

Doubting”John” (Mathew 11:2-11,Luke7:18-29)

Doubt is the expression of uncertainty “Are you: the one? The expected one? The messiah?”  Do you believe we are all together in waiting for his second coming, many christians doubt for the second coming of Jesus.   Faith: God can. God will. Kinds of doubt; doubt the future and worry  about life ,doubt the … Continue reading

We have never seen anything like this!!! (Luke15vs11-32)

What have you done, on what you have heard? Most often we listen or read the same story or sermon been repeated and we get disinterested and complain at the same time condemn the preacher for his action. Actually most of us has failed to take action on what was preached and what the have … Continue reading

It is finished (John 19:28-30)

Knowing that all has been completed, Jesus said am thirsty, a jar of vinegar was dipped in a rack and given to him and as he thirsted the vinegar, he gave up the ghost so that the scripture will be fulfilled. Most part of his life was spent in Nazareth and towards the end of … Continue reading

Love and Forgiveness create A New Relation among people (Philemon 1:1-25)

What’s in a name ? A name some time define expectations and personality as perceived by the namerer and the bearer. The letter by Paul to Philemon, consists of twenty verses  1-3. Greetings to Philemon and other mentioned names and the entire congregation. Shows his well understanding of how to approach people. 4-7. Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

“The challenge to Peace & Shalom. Joel 3:1-6,10.

as we celebrate the independence of Indonesia and other Asia pacific countries we have to realize that the journey was fought with blood and many died because the believe and desired to be independent from colonization and live in peace and harmony The present Hiroshoma that is so beautiful, use to be a devastating place … Continue reading

Choose: dead or life” Romans 8:1-17

What is the purpose of our live on earth? Are we living in accordance to our purpose? If you are given two choice of Life and Dead , which one are you going to choose and why? Life : has two ways ,through the spirit and through the physical and these two ways leads us … Continue reading