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Shine Brightly for Christ “ Philippians 2:12-18

There are five comments in the verse : 1. The world is full with crooked and perverse people. Crooked: deformed, malformed , dishonest, not trustworthy, corrupt, Perverse: illégal, irrational ,manipulation . Work hard to show the results of your salvation by living an exemplary life. 2. Continue to work out your salvation; . Not work … Continue reading

Having the attitude of Christ “

Conflicts between Pride/Selfish/Ego and Humility; for age has been some of the many different gift that unite humanity but the most destructive gift of them all is Pride. Man’s decision to be the limelight is the main cause of problems in the church, for the attitude of humanity is now considered obsolete. The responsibility of … Continue reading

Becoming Selfless “ Philippians 2:3-4”

No one will enjoy to be around selfish people who has nothing to share and talk except about what he/she desire and plan. If you want to become a leader, you must be a servant; for selfishness is not the mark of a leader or a servant but a mark of self destruction. For we … Continue reading

“Does God care about our motives” ( Philippians 1:12-19)

Why do Christians serve God and why should Christians have a good motives in serving God? Because Christians live by faith and not by sight and God cares about our faith and action and not our motives. God motives is to share the Good news even in difficult circumstances (Philippians 1:12-14) Paul faced with difficulties … Continue reading

“Towards Spiritual Unity” (Philippians 2-1-2)

As Christians we have; .Encouragement(Rom.15:5), .Comfort, .Common Sharing, .Tenderness with compassion, As the four legs for our unity which God has given us at the foot of the cross, we are all the same sinners saved by grace. As Christians we are one Family and should be friendly and forgiving, not frustrating. As family we … Continue reading

To Live is Christ “Phillipians 1:18-24”

If you take Christ from Christian what remain is I.A.N which means “I am nothing” for without Christ we are nothing. Before God gave you your ministry, he first gave you your family to lead and if you fail in your leadership as the head of the family, then you have failed to lead your … Continue reading

Love Abound in knowledge and in Sight. “Philippians 1:9-11”

Why does the church exist? Most believers are ignorant of the purpose of the church and there by easily misled on the purpose of the church existence. For a church to grow, such church must have a clear vision of purpose of its existence; otherwise it will be retarded in achieving its vision. If the … Continue reading

Integrity “Psalm 139:23-24”

Honesty is policy that manifest in our actions. Real integrity is doing the right thing with no supervision based on your beliefs and statues. If you have integrity you are obliged to do the right thing all the time with or without supervision. Integrity goes with consistency without excuse as once we default in our … Continue reading

Gods Providence “Philippians 4:10-13”

With God providence we can withstand and overcome everything’s. The secret of Paul rejoicing in pain, loss, bondage and suffering is based on his experience which has thought him to be “content” which transients to him been sufficient in God providence, whatever the circumstances maybe. Paul has seen it all, been in a position of … Continue reading

In Using Your Talent (Daniel 2:14-23)

The strong characters of the young mens who where enslaved in Babylon, where their adaptations without compromising their principles, believe and faith in God. The God given talent, which the where able to protect and preserve in their enslavement was able to elevate them from been a slaves to been a confident of the King, … Continue reading