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A Christian Wife & Mother ( Proverb 31:10-31)

Who are women;? A Chinese proverb says A woman is just like a half moon that cannot dry a cloth, some other proverbs say a woman is created for the eyes of men or a woman is created for the kitchen. Such assertions has resurrected a lot of resistance from women who don’t accept to … Continue reading

Fulfilling The Great Commission through the Help of the Holy Spirit “Acts 2:1-21”

How good and pleasant it is when Gods people live together in unity; for there the Lord bestows his blessings. Jesus initiated the establishment or propagated the establishment of the church’s across the globe by choosing and anointing the apostles, who where able to understudy his vision, he further empowered them with the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

Power to possess his promises

The word of God is meant to provoke a change in your life and if the word is not changing your life then that word is not a blessing upon your life. 1peter2:2 , is important you pay attention to the word until you encounter the word you cannot confront the world. The blessings of … Continue reading

Quantum Leap “1 Corinthians 6:9

Money is a necessity in Gods kingdom as is the facilitating force in Gods ministry. The root of sin is greed, before Gods eyes a greedy man is not different from a murderer, greed has been the driven force in our desires and quest for more riches that has made us not to be content … Continue reading

Epiphany Sunday “Isaiah.49:1-6

The good news are meant to be shared and not hidden. As we receive the power of God we are obligated to share it with others” for any power or gift of the Holy Spirit that is not shared is termed as not received. For when Peter with the disciples where praying in the upper … Continue reading

The Gift of Love “ 1 John 4:7-21”

Why do we love? Because God first love us (v.9) Love comes from God (v.7), for God is love (v.16) Because we are children of God and we know God (.7). If we do not love, that means we are not Gods children and opposite of love which is hate. Our live in this world … Continue reading

“The gift of Joy” Luke 2:10-11

The Prince of Peace and king of Peace was born in a manger without any prior preparation for sanitation of the environment, with no preparation of kids cloths and hygienic items, without any prior preparation on visitation by guests. What does all this makes you to understand about the celebration of Christmas today, where more … Continue reading

The philosophy of waiting

Why do you wait, why do you want to wait, have you waited for something that never happen and what was your reaction after waiting and it never came. Sometimes, you even wait based on your actions and expectation which is hope, their are people who wait because the have no options as the are … Continue reading

The gift of hope

Hope is a powerful force in Christ, for Jesus is the only solution to the hopelessness for we cannot live without hope, when your hope is gone, your life is also gone for we all need and live by hope. Why living in the broken world we are also broken morally, physically and spiritual as … Continue reading

Philippians Joy from a Prison Cell; True confidence in Jesus Christ the Risen Savior (Philippians 3:1-11)

Paul was a strong opinionated personality that has risen to the top of his calling from formerly been a persecutor of the followers of Jesus Christ to been persecuted for following Jesus Christ. Paul’s life as a believer was centered on Grace, Faith, Scriptural, Jesus Christ and the glory of God. For his past in … Continue reading