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“Let the peace of Christ be the decider in your heart” ( Col.3:14-16)

Shalom (Peace) is a significant word in our faith as Christians, as Jesus Christ our Lord saviour ministry and preaching was all about peace . The intention for the birth of Jesus Christ was for the purpose of peace in the world. The significance of unity in the church is the manifestation of the beauty … Continue reading

Physical Health & Entertainment as an Enterprise.

That a state can be the heart beat of sports and entertainment if theinvest in facilities that will create such a platform that will allow the youths to embrace it at early age. Because talents captured early harnesses the future. I remember when I was in Togo in late 2000, every morning you will see … Continue reading


Some time we forget, what makes us famous is not because we are born famous but because we associate with those who are famous by birth or by work. Famous doesn’t translate only to celebrity or super stars but also to all human endeavors that changes or influences other people’s life in a positive and … Continue reading

The Change is Here , Indonesia 2014.

The say change comes not so easy, but the ability to identify what kind of change that we are experiencing or expecting, requires an expectant to be more than vigilant. I have come to observe that Indonesia political landscape is been regrown, in population demographic and individual acceptability. Population demographic: the past and up coming … Continue reading

Justice ; Black & White

Ms. Schapelle Corby was 25 yrs when she visited Bali for a Holiday after a scintillating fun filled time in the Island of Bali – Indonesia . She decided to bring with her a Load of Marijuana (4kg) ( sorry she claimed she was set up as the Luggage was not her’s , makes me … Continue reading