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My Voyage encounter (Jakarta – Dubai – Lagos)

My day started with wishing every one in my contact list a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year as the tradition demands. Having observed all the necessary protocols in the morning, I immediately went for a cold freezing swim as the weather has been damp with rain, after 45minutes of my cardiovascular workout, I … Continue reading

Give Thanks(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Acts26:19; I was not disobedient to the vision of God.  It is easy to die for Christ but hard to live for him, dying takes an hour but living takes forever. What is the hardest thing in life? Is when you have no burden to carry. Paul having lost his freedom,he spend most of his … Continue reading


Reality is my Drug. The more I have of it, The more power I get and the higher I feel.- #50cent#Unit#2015#LetsHustle#50thLaw. Reality has its own power – you can turn your back on it, but it will find you in the end, and your inability to cope with it will be your ruin. Now is … Continue reading

Bule hunter

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Money and Evil; Concept.

‎Logically and Practically : Is money the root of all evil? I doubt. I’ve seen a poor man, praying to be Rich but never see a Rich man praying to be poor. Tell me how money is the root of all evil… ——- ‎Money is the root of all evil as a “facilitator” of everything … Continue reading

The Dos & Don’ts of Denim

The 10 Dos And Don’ts of Denim with PRPS’s Mikelle Street We’ve been a fan of Donwan Harrell’s PRPS brand since its start back in 2002. Having broken his teeth at Donna Karan and Nike, the die-hard denim fanatic with his etched cherub logo has built a cult classic handcrafted in Japan. The New York-based … Continue reading