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By the Power of the Holy Spirit, Including the outsiders ( Acts 10:44)

The Holy Spirit are Interdependent and independent , as it operates freely and can be received by all disregard less of religious believe,tribe and race. Holy Spirit is God and God is universal and free for all. The Holy Spirit has the freedom to come and go whenever and however he pleases. Free to give … Continue reading

Testimony to the Resurrection ( Acts 4:32-35)

Church is a place every body who desires God go to worship and where sinners are saved, for nobody will attain sainthood until he meet his maker. Their are so many different churches in all part of the world and in the same location. church has become a micro organism that has invaded every neighbourhood, … Continue reading

Surprised at Sunrise “Luke 24:1-6;Lamentations 3:23”

What if we start each day like day of the resurrection, how joyful we will feel that Jesus is alive and all the promises of God in our lives we will be fulfilled no matter how long, difficult,disappointing and hopeless our life and day may look. Most of the problems we worry about are things … Continue reading

Live Graciously,Give Generously (2Cor 9:6-15)

Looking into our heart; what is the reason that motivates us to give and what’s the reason For not given? Generosity comes with a great sacrifice and a big heart, the different principles of giving brings different responds from the receiver. Give in a way that it will be pleasing to God! For when God … Continue reading

The heart of the teacher”(Dr. Maruska Skonc) John 11:31-37.

Jesus never waited in the synagogue for people to come to him; rather he went out to find the people and made them fishers of men. If you ever told or shared a story about Jesus to any one be it family or stranger you are a teacher. Many questions that cross the mind of … Continue reading

Habit of Hospitality: Sharing our authentic selves”(1 Thessalonians 2:1-8)

Paul’s letter to Thessalonians continued to stress on the purpose of sharing our authentic selves in service, with a lot of emphasis of him as an apostle of God who led in sharing his authentic service by humbling himself before the people as a servant. He Emphasised that his purpose is to please God, not … Continue reading

Becoming a Prayer church (Acts 12:1-14)

Pray earnestly, it makes something happen, let us pray for ourselves and others as well.  Prayer can change our live and others for prayer open line to heaven.

Growing Stronger in Jesus ( Luke 2:40-52)

Growing stronger in Jesus is very applicable to our children growing up, as the process of children growth is the same process of our growth in faith with Jesus Christ as our saviour.  The stages of growth varies,  From recognising faces and things with their eyes to using hand and crying gesture to demonstrate and … Continue reading

Who is the greatest (Mark 10:35-45)

(Mark 8:31 – 9:37) Jesus first predict his death and transfiguration . Mark 9:31. -9:37) Jesus second prediction of his death, why his disciples were arguing about who is the greatest. Mark 10:35) Jesus third prediction about his death why James and John were  arguing who will be on his left and right in his … Continue reading

The courageous and Faithful Mothers “Exodus 1:15-22;2:1-10”

For their faithfulness and fear of God opened doors of surprises and blessings upon their life. Their actions was heroic and a blessing to the survived Hebrew male kids.  Above all the midwives where all mothers who understood the pain and agony of killing an innocent child by depriving their mothers the Joy and comfort … Continue reading