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The courageous and Faithful Mothers “Exodus 1:15-22;2:1-10”

For their faithfulness and fear of God opened doors of surprises and blessings upon their life. Their actions was heroic and a blessing to the survived Hebrew male kids.  Above all the midwives where all mothers who understood the pain and agony of killing an innocent child by depriving their mothers the Joy and comfort … Continue reading

“The Bible is Historically accurate”(Acts 3:22-21)

Historical account of the events that has been written in the Holy Book of the Christian faith has continuously been proven to be facts and manifestations of the true gospel of Gods word. In continuation ; the present events that has happened in the world , are further testament on the continuation of Gods word … Continue reading

Feed my sheep ( John.21:15-19)

Do you love Jesus? How do i feed God’s sheep?. Am I willing to feed his sheep as he has instructed? Can my ability and source be sufficient to carry out such a  task? And how are mine going to start? The above are some of the pondering of Simon Peter after given such an … Continue reading

He is Risen ( Luke 24:1-8)

Many a time we forget what has been preached and only remember when such event occurs.  Jesus Christ during his ministry has been consistent with his purpose on earth, he shared his vision with his disciples, but the where all doubtful or wasn’t listening. Today we reminisce once again about how Jesus Christ lived and … Continue reading

Why Jesus Died for Us (John 11:49-54)

Today we are reminded again how precious we are in the planning and face of God. We are reminded the reason why Jesus Christ has to die for mankind to receive salvation. Caiaphas a high priest comment; you know nothing at all, you do not realize that it’s better for you that one Man die … Continue reading

The mission of the messiah ( Mark 8:31-33)

Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter, rooted in the 40days of Jesus in the wilderness a period of self denial,reflection,renewal and ,examination. The goal is to strengthen the faith and spiritual discipline of observers and develop a closer relationship with God. These verse was about Jesus been rejected by the religion leaders … Continue reading

Relationship between Father and Son (John17:5-10)

The trinity of the relationship between a father and son connected both spiritual and physical. The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob is the same God that has been with the three generations whose grace has glorified them in spirit and physical. For each possess the same quality and are glorified as one.  For the fathers … Continue reading

Slaves & Immigrants.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired Nuero Surgeon and the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the President Trump, government said; slavery where immigrants who had a dream of a good life by working hard but was paid less for their hard work, Obamacare(Affordable Healthcare Act) is the worse that has happened to USA, … Continue reading

“Make Him Known”(John 4:31-42)

Why do people become violent and distrust? because the have experienced violence and has not been trusted. The cycle of shame and violence doesn’t have to continue as Jesus showed us the way we can overcome such. People blamed others who has married foreign women and force them to divorce or abandoned their wife as … Continue reading


I just learned that is legal to practice witchcraft in America, and right now the witches and wizard has converged in Trump Tower to cast more madness on his led government. What is been regarded as a social cast in our society is regarded as part of what make another country great.