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My Voyage encounter (Jakarta – Dubai – Lagos)

My day started with wishing every one in my contact list a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year as the tradition demands. Having observed all the necessary protocols in the morning, I immediately went for a cold freezing swim as the weather has been damp with rain, after 45minutes of my cardiovascular workout, I … Continue reading

Nnamdi Kanu “IPOB Leader” Indigenous People of Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu is an epitome of our generation , he has shaken the foundation again with his powerful voice causing the politicians to be more worried; especially those that supported operations python dance. The excitement of Atiku/Obi emergency has been dwarfed and diverted to Nnamdi Kanu sighted in Jerusalem praying to his thunderous address that … Continue reading

Enlarging Your Barn, Enriching your soul ( Luke 18:18-30, Proverbs 21:26)

A certain ruler asked Jesus what must I do to inherit internal life? You can see from the Rulers question his perception is from the position of confidence,authority,wealth and affluence with believe that he can get what ever he desires. Jesus was able to humble him by given him a soft landing on the paths … Continue reading

Build ourselves and filled with the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 63:7-10 & Ephesians 4: 29-32)

Tomorrow will be better than today transcend to progressiveness in our life, this thinking also transcends to our Christian faith. The Holy Spirit is the empowerment that helps us to grow in faith and maintain a steady focus in our trust in God. Sometimes we question our growth and doubt if the Holy Spirit is … Continue reading

Holy Spirit Our Advocate (John 14:16-17, 1Corinthians 2:9-19)

Jesus Christ planted the seed of the church and used the Holy Spirit to water the seed growth that multiplied the production of the fruits. Today we can see the true manifestation of the gift of the Holy Spirit in different dimension as it was projected. The Holy Spirit is a multiplayer in our church … Continue reading

Igniting the Spirit ( Ezekiel 37:1-14)

587 BC Israel ,was in captivity in Babylon: They where not slaves as the enjoyed normal life activity and where able to integrate into the Babylonian society with minor restrictions. During the captivity, Ezekiel saw a vision of the rise to life of the Israelites and their return and rebuilding of their land. Ezekiel vision … Continue reading

“Let the peace of Christ be the decider in your heart” ( Col.3:14-16)

Shalom (Peace) is a significant word in our faith as Christians, as Jesus Christ our Lord saviour ministry and preaching was all about peace . The intention for the birth of Jesus Christ was for the purpose of peace in the world. The significance of unity in the church is the manifestation of the beauty … Continue reading

How about your prayer life?( Mark 9:33-37 & Mathew 7:7-11)

Some people learn to pray in a hard way:  Prayer change things but prayer also changes us!  You cannot keep up the life of prayer unless you are prepared to change. A heart of prayer has the following content; Humility ~ Like a child gives you sense of awe and reverence for God. ~ Strong … Continue reading

Aftermath of Biafra Massacre by Nigerian Army:

The politicians and Ohaneze Ndigbo has regained power through military intimidation and massacre of their own people.  The advise I give to them is not to be fast to declare victory as IPOB is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns but with counter intellectual reasonings.  In a democratic system the people are allowed … Continue reading

Tithing (Leviticus 27:28-34)

Steward is One employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns. Psalm 89:8-13; defines God as the creator, exalted ,owner and controller of everything on earth. Gen 1:28; defines human beings as the steward of God, who has been empowered to control,manage and execute Gods estate on earth. For one to be … Continue reading