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There was a Country; Generation Gap

A son’s arrival is the crescent moon Too new too soon to lodge the man’s returning. His feast of reincarnation must await the moon’s ripening at the naming ceremony of his grandson; Advertisements

There was a Country: Penalty of Godhead

The old man’s bed Of straw caught a flame blow from overnight logs by harmattan’s Incendiary breath. Defying his age and Sickness he rose and steered himself Smoke-blind to safety A nimble rat appeared at the Door of his hole looked quickly to left and right and scurried across the floor To nearby farmland. Even … Continue reading

There was a country, Benin Road

Speed is violence Power is violence Weight is violence The butterfly seek safety in lightness In weightless,undulating flight But at a crossroads where mottled light From old trees falls on a brash new highway Our separate errands collide I come power-packed for two And the gentle butterfly offers Itself in bright yellow sacrifice Upon my … Continue reading

Poet 1966.

Absentminded Our thoughtless days Sat at dire controls And played indolently Slowly downward in remote Subterranean shaft A diamond-tipped Drill point crept closer To residual chaos to Rare artesian hatred That once squirted warm Blood in God’s face Confirming His first Disappointment in Eden’