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Overcoming Hursts ( Psalm 71)

None of us enjoy suffering, but pain does have a way of accomplishing the greatest good in our lives by drawing us closeer to God . God uses disruptive moments to help us keep things in perspective (Gordon MacDonald) 1. Disruptive moments are simply divine appointments. 2. Progress without pain is usually not possible. No … Continue reading

Love and Forgiveness create A New Relation among people (Philemon 1:1-25)

What’s in a name ? A name some time define expectations and personality as perceived by the namerer and the bearer. The letter by Paul to Philemon, consists of twenty verses  1-3. Greetings to Philemon and other mentioned names and the entire congregation. Shows his well understanding of how to approach people. 4-7. Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

Sensitivity to the sufferings of others (1Peter3:8-12)

this days we are living in a; .busy world. .unsafe. .unjust . .persecution of our faith. . Peter sent a letter to the pilgrims of dispersion because of persecution.  He advised the following; . How Christians should live in a community; To Be likeminded,sympathetic, loving, compassion and humble. The adjective describe what is inside a … Continue reading

“The challenge to Peace & Shalom. Joel 3:1-6,10.

as we celebrate the independence of Indonesia and other Asia pacific countries we have to realize that the journey was fought with blood and many died because the believe and desired to be independent from colonization and live in peace and harmony The present Hiroshoma that is so beautiful, use to be a devastating place … Continue reading

The man from AldersgateĀ 

 Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but Gods, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen.  Such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven upon earth. -John Wesley.

Tribute to Mothers.

Mothers are like a physical guiding angels that shield their children from tender age to adult.  The soft spot the dot on each of the children shows the symbolic character each child represent in her life, the can tell each of the children’s character by mind and even predict what the will be in future.  … Continue reading

what if there was no Cross

What if the Japanese has not bombed Pearl Harbor and the American has stayed away from the Second World War.  Japanese would have conquered all of Asie. Yet the Japanese went ahead and bombed “Pearl Harbor ” that resulted in the Americans bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which resulted in there subsequent surrender and lost … Continue reading

Leaves or Fruits.

“Leaves or Fruits” (Mark 11:11-22) Jesus arrival in Jerusalem herald the inspection of the temple to survey the situation in detail to each activity. His discovery of illegal activity propel him to take an instant action , by evicting the traders out of the temple.  The reference to the fig tree is in sandwich to the … Continue reading

Our God calls out with compassion.( Jonah 3:1-10)

God has a special purpose in our life , for he created us specially in his own image, he further assured us of his commitment by sending Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin by crucified on the cross. The expectation from God to each of us is to be steadfast in our faith in … Continue reading

“Repentance: It’s not just a word , it’s a complete change of heart.”( Mathew 3:1-12 )

Every nation has an ideology that is understood by the citizen, every citizen is under obligation to follow the ideology. Christianity is based on the ideology of Jesus Christ and every believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is under obligation to follow his principles and statues.