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Our God calls out with compassion.( Jonah 3:1-10)

God has a special purpose in our life , for he created us specially in his own image, he further assured us of his commitment by sending Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin by crucified on the cross. The expectation from God to each of us is to be steadfast in our faith in … Continue reading

“Repentance: It’s not just a word , it’s a complete change of heart.”( Mathew 3:1-12 )

Every nation has an ideology that is understood by the citizen, every citizen is under obligation to follow the ideology. Christianity is based on the ideology of Jesus Christ and every believer in Jesus Christ as the Son of God is under obligation to follow his principles and statues.

Growing together in unity Ephesians 4:1-16.

1. To walk and live in unity : Christianity cannot function apart from unity. Ingredients of a United faith; . Humble: when we humble ourself in service to God we are abundantly rewarded. . Gentle; when we are called to serve we have to be gentle and calm to learn and serve. . Patient; is … Continue reading

Times in our Life.

God has made everything beautiful in His Time. Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. There are four season in a Man’s life. Their is a time his excited about Santa clause, a time he believe in Santa Claus , a time he looks like Santa Claus , a time he become like Santa Claus. There are fourteen contrast of … Continue reading