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Aim Low. Think Small. ( Deuteronomy 6: 4 – 9)

How do we grow in numbers and how do we grow in debt. The solution to growth is to aim low and think small given up to our higher target. We as the church need to aim at our children and youths to grow and develop the church with Depth. The children ask the simple … Continue reading

Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Inclusion “ Acts 2:1-8; 2:35-42”

On the day a child is born is the day a mother’s life is transformed, as we celebrate a child we also celebrate a mother whose life is transformed through the new birth. The Pentecost day also is significant in our faith as is the day Christianity is born, the transformation of the church through … Continue reading

Bible the way to Heaven(2 Timothy 3:10-16)

Been religious is not good enough, as been religious is a routine practice of our believe but we need a one on one relationship with God through prayer and reading his word to continue to meditate in communion with God through our religious practice. What does the Bible means to you and how often do … Continue reading

By the Power of the Holy Spirit, Including the outsiders ( Acts 10:44)

The Holy Spirit are Interdependent and independent , as it operates freely and can be received by all disregard less of religious believe,tribe and race. Holy Spirit is God and God is universal and free for all. The Holy Spirit has the freedom to come and go whenever and however he pleases. Free to give … Continue reading