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Give Thanks(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Acts26:19; I was not disobedient to the vision of God.  It is easy to die for Christ but hard to live for him, dying takes an hour but living takes forever. What is the hardest thing in life? Is when you have no burden to carry. Paul having lost his freedom,he spend most of his … Continue reading

We have never seen anything like this!!! (Luke15vs11-32)

What have you done, on what you have heard? Most often we listen or read the same story or sermon been repeated and we get disinterested and complain at the same time condemn the preacher for his action. Actually most of us has failed to take action on what was preached and what the have … Continue reading

Walking as Jesus walked” (1John2:1-8)

What does that means? Walking as Jesus walked; Sometimes we use speculations to conclude on issues as a reason why we are not able to achieve our objectives or face challenges,claiming our weaknesses as a reason for not making effort or not been good enough.  All this self reasons doesn’t help us to grow in … Continue reading