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Song of Joy

The third Sunday of the advent is the advent of joy; Joy in our life can vary but one joy that unite us is the joy of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth brought forth change in the way we worship and serve, the change that liberated us from the bondage’s of … Continue reading

Habit of Hospitality: Sharing our authentic selves”(1 Thessalonians 2:1-8)

Paul’s letter to Thessalonians continued to stress on the purpose of sharing our authentic selves in service, with a lot of emphasis of him as an apostle of God who led in sharing his authentic service by humbling himself before the people as a servant. He Emphasised that his purpose is to please God, not … Continue reading

The Sacred of a Loving Heart”(Luke7:36-50)

The star; Jesus Christ When you make something that is normal in an usual way, people will easily be attracted to you.  Many of Jesus followers are those who has low and high  expectations and at the same time doubt of who Jesus was and his ability to perform miracles. Jesus broke boundaries of segregation … Continue reading

Living Water Spills Over (John 4:7-26)

There are many people who like to have changes in their life, some of these change is as a result of War,Natural Disasters and Social Economic change. The Samaritan woman, wanted a change in her life and environment, as she was bored from the Criticism and discrimination she receive from her life. This lady is … Continue reading

Spiritual Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

The key to good orchestra is the harmony and value each musicians attach to each other, knowing and understanding the purpose of the harmony is to produce a delighting rhyme that will thrill the audience. The spiritual gift is equally given to everyone who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, … Continue reading

The man from Aldersgate 

 Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but Gods, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen.  Such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven upon earth. -John Wesley.

The Great Commission 

 Jesus has accomplished his mission to redeem the world through his death and resurrection on his ascension he promised to send a comfort in the form of the Holy Spirit. Jesus has given us the mandate through the Holy Spirit. This authority is not for the twelve disciples only but for all believers. We are … Continue reading

what is the purpose of church?”(1peter,2:1-10)

“What is the purpose of the church?”(1Peter2:1-10) Why do we have to come to church? Why should we wake early to church? Why should we not stay at home and read the bible and worship? For many ,the purpose of the church is to worship and fellowship.  The church is not the building but the … Continue reading

Leaves or Fruits.

“Leaves or Fruits” (Mark 11:11-22) Jesus arrival in Jerusalem herald the inspection of the temple to survey the situation in detail to each activity. His discovery of illegal activity propel him to take an instant action , by evicting the traders out of the temple.  The reference to the fig tree is in sandwich to the … Continue reading

When Something Unusual Happens.

When something unusual happen: . First, Jesus never wanted to be popular. . Secondly, the coming to Jerusalem by Jesus shows us his courage , knowing the danger of betrayal and castigation that awaits him in the city from T the chief priest, the Roman Empire and the teachers of the Law.  Jesus action showed … Continue reading