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Build ourselves and filled with the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 63:7-10 & Ephesians 4: 29-32)

Tomorrow will be better than today transcend to progressiveness in our life, this thinking also transcends to our Christian faith. The Holy Spirit is the empowerment that helps us to grow in faith and maintain a steady focus in our trust in God. Sometimes we question our growth and doubt if the Holy Spirit is … Continue reading

The Spirit of Adoption (Galatian.4:6 & Romans.8:15)

What is the process of our induction as the children of God, as we all can remember that Israel was the first chosen tribe by God in accordance to the covenant God made with Abraham. We also know that the Only begotten Son of God is Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice and service to … Continue reading

Holy Spirit, Our Intercessor (Romans 8:18-27)

Is prayer hard for you? Do you sometimes feel you don’t know what to pray ? May the power of the Holy Spirit make you to be the person that God intend for you; make you useful. Romans8:15; the spirit we receives doesn’t make us slave, so that we live in fear again, rather the … Continue reading

The Power of the Holy Spirit “Romans 15:13-21)

The power of the Holy Spirit conquers our heart and minds to help us have faith and trust in Christ. When we are over flown with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit we remain resolute and optimistic in our daily life challenge and encounters and do tremendous work that will be pleasing in … Continue reading